A Wedding to Remember

Getting married is one of the most important and significant days of a couples life. If you are in the planning process than you know the stress and joy that goes hand in hand when panning this important life event. It all starts with the proposal. When the man of your dreams asks you to marry him and gives you a ring the feeling that overcomes you is total and complete bliss. From that moment on you feel like you are floating instead of walking. If you are like most women the first thing that you do is call everyone to let them know. You hear the squeals from your best friends and the warm wishes and congratulations from your parents and soon to be in laws. Then comes the planning. For some this can be the most stressful time and for others it can be enjoyable.

The Dress

After receiving that glorious ring you will most likely start searching online as well as looking for bridal salons in your area. You will invite those that matter most to you and go shopping for that magical dress that makes you feel like a princess. At the salon you will be able to try on all of the beautiful gowns that you have envisioned yourself wearing. For many people they will try on a lot of gowns. There are many types of gowns such as the classic ball gown, mermaid , trumpet, A Line , sheath , tea length and the modern mini. So many women will have the idea of a dress in their mind of what will look amazing until they actually go and try them all on. In the end once you find that dress that you can look in the mirror and see yourself walking down the aisle in it will bring tears to your eyes as well as those who are there to share in your special time. The finishing touch will be when the bridal salon associate places the veil on your head completing the look. It will whisk you away to a magical place. From this point on you will enjoy the pleasures and stresses of finding the perfect venue, disc jockey or band, wedding photographer, catering menu, wedding cake, and theme to just name a few.

Since you have already met your prince charming the next step is to find that perfect someone that you would like to stand up for you, maid of honor. This person should be someone that you can rely on and who supports your marriage. If you choose to have bridesmaids now would be a good time to determine how many you would like to have and whom you will be asking to be bridesmaids.